Nature is Amazing

Although it’s been a bit on the hot side this week, we have been having a glorious spring (or early summer I suppose) here in Portland. Over the past few days the heat has broken and so I have taken some time to show my sister, (and new intern) Erin around the neighborhood. After fueling up on (gorging ourselves on) raspberries from the yard of course.


We’ve had so much fun checking out all the flowers, veggies and herbs that people are growing in their yards. And we are certainly taking time to stop and smell the roses– and lavender and sage.


It’s so great to be able to take it slow and absorb all the beauty around us.


Help support sustainable fashion!

I am sketching away trying to get ready for my big debut at the end of the summer. The goal today is to finalize my designs and start patterning!

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In other, unrelated news: my 6th and final asparagus plant FINALLY came up! I was getting worried about the little guy down there.