The Future of Fashion – A Sustainable Approach

What a great article on some of the other issues of sustainability in fashion. Make sure to click the link to for more information


c2136bb6b7cd74886ad47f7ba0022b2dGlobally the fashion industry is one of the largest in the world, as it is worth around $1.5 trillion annually and employs millions of people. Making a huge impact on the environment, it is important to have eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical considerations when approaching fashion as we as designers have a responsibility to our business, consumers, other designers, society, the environment and ourselves. “At least 8,000 chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles and 25% of the world’s pesticide is used to grow non-organic cotton. This causes irreversible damage to people and the environment, and still two-thirds of a garment’s carbon footprint will occur after it has been bought” (Kenneth L 2015).

b274503bff06af7d411d685681162937If more designers and companies followed a sustainable approach it could make a huge difference. The industry could change the world, saving the environment with quality fashion made from eco friendly and ethical processes.


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